Anton Batagov



Vocal ensemble N'Caged

Arina Zvereva
Olga Rossini
Anastasia Polyanina
Sergei Malinin
Ilya Laptev


OpensoundOrchestra soloists

Stanislav Malyshev violin
Inna Zilberman violin
Lidiya Sigeda viola
Olga Kalinova cello
Alexander Pavlov double bass


Anton Batagov piano, Tibetan bowl




Total time 45:55


Music composed by Anton Batagov, 2014
Recorded, edited, mixed and mastered by Ruslan Zaipold,
The Vaults studio, April – May 2024
Produced by Anton Batagov
Cover image by Alisa Naremontti
Design by Sergey Krasin
Executive producer: Sergei Krasin



Tat Tvam Asi.
This Sanskrit phrase is thousands of years old. It can be found, for instance, in the Upanishads.
Thou Art That.
“That” has no name because human language is incapable of naming what is beyond words and concepts.
It has neither beginning nor end. It is neither born nor does it ever die.
It is not divided into “you” and “I”, into friends and enemies, into inner and outer world, into yesterday and tomorrow, into good and evil. It is not conditioned by anything and does not depend on anything. It simply is. It is always there.
You are not a body that is subject to disease, aging, and death.
You are not the vanity of ordinary consciousness that is constantly striving for something and rejecting something.
Actually, that isn't you.
You are a blinding clear light.
You cannot see it. It is hidden from you behind a heavy door no efforts can open. But one day, in the pitch black darkness of samsara, you will feel that all the unbearable pain of all the living beings is your pain. If you don't turn away, your life will change. And at some point you will discover that the door is open.
That's you.