Anton Batagov

I See Your Dream. You See My Dream

for orchestra and piano

Gnessin Virtuosi orchestra
Mikhail Khokhlov, conductor
Anton Batagov, piano


(EP. Total time 23:59)



Composed by Anton Batagov in 2015
Commissioned by Eurasia International Music Festival, Yekaterinburg, Russia
Recorded at Gnessin School concert hall in December 2019
Edited, mixed and mastered in December 2019 / January 2020
Recording engineer: Alexander Volkov
Edited by Grigory Vasiliev
Mixed and mastered by Alexander Volkov
Cover photo by Alisa Naremontti
Booklet photos by Yekaterina Klyuchnikova, courtesy of the Gnessin School
Design: Grigory Zhukov
Label manager: Karina Abramyan
Project manager: Marina Bezrukova
Executive editor: Natalia Storchak
Digital release: Dmitry Maslyakov, Roman Tomlyankin
Gnessin Virtuosi executive director: Gennadi Shamin


I studied at the Gnessin school. It is one of the world's best music schools, a national cultural treasure. Recently I came up with an idea to play some of my compositions with Gnessin virtuosi, a Gnessin school student orchestra. I think we adult musicians can learn something from them: not only their enthusiasm and passion but also the performance quality. The orchestra has performed extensively in Russia and abroad. Their repertory ranges from early music to contemporary compositions and collaborations with rock and ethnic musicians. The conductor Mikhail Khokhlov has been the director of the Gnessin school and the artistic director of Gnessin virtuosi for 30 years. So now I am listening to our first recording made at the hall where I used to play my school examination programs and my first recitals, and I can't believe that the performers are aged 13 to 17 years...




(c) MELODIA 2020